Franchise opportunity


Feel the power of holding a Franchise

Start your own business using an already developed and proven business model

  • If you are willing to become an entrepreneur and become part of an already successful and proven business story, this Franchise is the real way to make your dream come true.
  • Working with a Franchise means working under standardized, quality, and already established and proven methods and values. The great part of holding a Franchise is that you never start from zero point. You build your own business on already installed and affirmed pillars. You become part of an acknowledged and successfully functioning business model.
  • You become part of a brand, which doesn`t only offer a set of proven working standards and values, but also gives you support in your everyday work, and helps you build and grow your business well.
  • Last, but not least, through this Franchise, you as a Franchisee benefit on two levels: you work for yourself, but at the same time you work for an already recognized brand with a successfully developed working structure.
  • You have the freedom in leading the business in a way you see fit, you manage on your own all the finances linked to your business, you dictate the work obligations, and you choose the team on your own. In one word, you get unlimited freedom to conduct the growth and development of your business all by yourself.
  • While you have all that freedom in running your business on your own, you are also part of a bigger team that supports you in every way. You get all the support you need, you get to be informed about all the innovative and modern educational concepts and you have access to many unique professional courses.
  • All you need is to have the willingness, energy, and dedication to continue the success of the Franchise further on.

Влезете во светот на

Едукативна франшиза за деца

  • Современа методологија
  • Поинаков начин на учење

Со IQ UP! ја развиваме генијалноста кај секое дете и
го подготвуваме за предизвиците на 21 век!

Why Invest in a Franchise Business?

  • Starting your business is easier and goes faster;
  • You are starting an already proven and functional business model;
  • Your business is based on high standards and proven advanced methods;
  • You are working under the umbrella of a powerful and acknowledged brand;
  • You get the full support from us, that will significantly ease the way you start and run your business in an effective and efficient manner;
  • You are safe from costly beginner`s mistakes because we support your center from day one;
  • You can feel the power of the Franchisees network. You belong to a community made of ambitious and professional individuals that share the same goals and challenges: to develop the Franchise business in their region and to make it more profitable;
  • Due to the brand recognition and brand awareness, you get easier access to clients;
  • You feel the power and benefits from the group marketing.
The most importantly, you are never alone. There is a huge organization and brand standing behind you giving you unlimited support to make your business better and more profitable.

Do You Want to Become an IQ UP! Franchisee?

If you would like to become part of our successful business story all you have to do is fill in the application below.
Once you fill it in, our team will contact you as soon as possible.
Together we will go through all the details and questions and we will discuss further all the possible dilemmas and questions that you might have regarding this great opportunity.
Don’t wait, your possibility to become part of one proven and successful business concept is just one application away!

    Step By Step Guide to Becoming an IQ UP! Franchisor

    Once you fill in our Application and show interest in opening an IQ UP! Franchisee in your local area, within a day or two, you’ll receive a confirmation call. We will set up an initial interview to inform you in detail about our Franchise and to get to know you better.

    Signing a Contract  Within a Week

    Once we confirm that we are suitable partners, we prepare a Contract which needs to be signed by both sides. Once the Contract is signed you become part of our business network. You also get access to all the support we offer to our Franchisors. The Contract is signed for three years period. Following that period the Contract can be extended.

    Franchisee Training

    Welcome to the team. To provide a smooth start for our Franchisors, we organize a two-day training seminar to share with you the most important details on setting up the center, the initial plan of conducting the business, and we give you initial guidance on our marketing plan.

    Setting up the IQ UP Center

    You will be able to scout out on your own the location that you find most suitable for the IQ UP Center in your area. Once that is decided, we will give you a ready-to-use branding manual with ready-to-print designs for your IQ UP Center.

    Teachers Training

    We provide five days of intensive training for the Teachers that will conduct the lessons in your center. Teachers are introduced to  the methodology our education is based on in detail. At the end of the training, they’ll receive a Teachers Training Certificate. Without it, the teachers cannot lecture in the IQ UP Center.

    Teachers Guide Books

    Beside the training, you will receive Teachers Guides with lesson-by-lesson detailed instructions for every program that we teach in IQ UP! Centers.


    Once you have signed the contract, no other business or person is allowedto apply and get an IQ UP Franchisee for the area you are covering.

    Online Platform

    As Franchisor you will get free access to our Online Platform.From ready-to-use branding materials to marketing galleries, to teaching materials. Everything you need to run the IQ UP business smoothly is just one click away.

    Franchisee Network Meetings

    Once per year, we organize a small conference or gathering to share our successes and experiences with each other;and announce our new plans and strategies. We strongly believe that by sharing our experience not only do we get to know each other better, but we get to see and learn different approaches and perspectives that can help our business to grow stronger and better.